“…learn to look for the essentials and you’ll discover that both painting and life are simpler than most people suppose.”

Emile Gruppe



A Solo Show

On Display June 16 – July 23

Opening Reception June 16th

Rehoboth Art League – The Homestead – 12 Dodds Lane – Rehoboth Beach, DE

Featured Painting for April

Brreak of day

“Break of Day” is about the sun breaking through the morning fog revealing life in a fishing village. I was working with saturation, at the same time as playing warm against cool. The saturation of the red boat contrasts with the gray tones of the rest of the painting and the warmth of the sun light pushing through the cool fog and water.

Rehoboth Art League
Henlopen Acres Campus
12 Dodds Lane
Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

In Rehoboth
The Studio
18487 Munchy Branch Road.
Rehoboth, DE 19971
by appointment: 203 248 9776

In Denton
Turnbridge Point
119 Gay Street
Denton, MD 21629

...Joe also has an incredible eye for analyzing a work of art. He can always explain where the problem lies in a painting as well as what is working. But he also allows students to find their own solutions when they are able to. I think all the students in the class sense Joe's genuine involvement and caring, which is one reason why I consider him a natural teacher. I hope he will be as happy teaching elsewhere as we have been happy to have him as our teacher.

Paula Schiller

Joe is excellent at working with individual students, helping them find their own unique way of artistic expression. In the 15 years I have served as Executive Director of the Center, I have not seen another instructor gather a following as quickly and keep it as long as Joe.

Executive Director, Art Center of Northern NJ

...Joe is a serious and reliable teacher. He arrives early and prepares the environment so that the class will run smoothly. He sets a relaxed but serious tone so that students can focus on their work without interruption. Joe has done an amazing amount of study and research into the theory and principles of art. He often presents a lecture on this material -sometimes brief, sometimes more involved-before class. He has created an extensive set of handouts about various topics relating to art, such as color theory with all its ramifications (he has also given semester long classes and workshops on this topic); balance in composition; thoughts on light, color, and emotion; tips for strong compositions; things to consider in landscape drawing; and palettes, paints, and brushes. Joe is constantly learning and is generous and eager to share his insights with his students...

Paula Schiller

Joe Terrone is both a gifted teacher and gifted artist, a rare combination. I have been an expressionist painter for over forty years. Three years ago, I began painting in Joe's plein air class. Joe respected my style, but nevertheless tuned in to what I needed allowing me to consolidate forty years of art making.

Now, my painting is much more thought-out, my palette is more interesting. Needless to say, painting out of doors is a marvelous experience. Many thanks to Joe for giving me the tools to make my paintings both more expressive and more unique .I would compare Joe to a Master Chef. The person who is fortunate enough to study with Joe will learn the secrets of painting, as well as develop the ability to use your new knowledge in any kind of painting that furthers expression of your own unique style.

Elizabeth Rundquist

...There is always a free and ongoing dialog. In class Joe spends his time moving from student to student, giving helpful suggestions, talking to students at all levels of development. If a student demands more time he tries to give it. What is unique about Joe is that he supports his suggestion by relating them to the theory behind them. I am an experienced and intuitive painter but Joe has made me think about my work more than any other teacher...

Paula Schiller

Joseph Terrone is a professional Delaware based Artist. He graduated from Pratt Institute with an MFA in painting and has earned New Jersey State Certification as an Instructor of Art. Mr. Terrone’s plein air paintings have been collected throughout the country.

Originating from his abstract art background coupled with his response to plein air painting, his paintings act as vehicles to express his love of nature through color and movement. His work has been influenced by Emile Gruppé and other artists of the Cape Ann and Bucks County area. Read More