So the fall plein air workshop at Turnbridge Point Bed and Breakfast, is over. I have attached some images of the 3 day workshop here. The weather was a bit of a challenge with the addition of rain on one day, but everyone seemed to adapt very well and it turned out that the best work was done that day. Which brings me to the point of this blog: How does adversity play into the success or failure of a painting? It seems to me it is all related to the amount of stress that one is under. For myself when there is a lot of pressure on me to “preform” adversity only complicates things and often causes problems for me. When life has been kind and I am thrown a curve it often makes me rise to the occasion and I produce some of my best work. Having been relegated to painting in my studio for the last 6 months due to a physical injury, There is very little stress and as a result very little energy. But plein air painting always adds a level of excitement to my work. The light feeds you ideas and you respond to them. Time becomes the adversary. It’s like a duel to gain control. You win or lose but the challenge is what spurs you on.









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