Painting Basics

By November 4, 2017
  • January 23, 2018 - March 13, 2018
    6:15 pm - 8:45 pm

Have you always wanted to paint. Have you been painting for years but feel like you need to move to a new level? This is an opportunity to make painting a part of your life, to learn how to use paint to express what it is you are feeling deep inside. It is a painting class that addresses the beginner as well as the more seasoned painter. We will discuss the basics and advance weekly to give you the tools you need to understand and critique your artwork. Through the application of color theory, composition, linear and atmospheric perspective as well as a look into objective and subjective tools you will become more equipped to move your work to a new and exciting level.
Each class begins with a specific topic, meant to help you grow your understanding of painting. We will work from still life, photos or your imagination. You can work representationally or abstractly. Individual instruction will be given to each artist to help develop a specific plan for growth. Come and share with others your love of painting.



Rehoboth Art League

Henlopen Acres Campus

12 Dodds Lane

Rehoboth Beach

302 2278404

Materials List


Gamblin Paint, Utrecht, Winsor Newton or equivalent- Do Not use student grade paint, you will only have to replace it as you get better. Since it will not mix well and lacks intensity you put yourself at a disadvantage form the start.

  1. Cadmium Lemon Yellow
  2. Cadmium Yellow Medium
  3. Yellow ochre
  4. Cadmium Red Deep
  5. Alizarin Crimson
  6. Ultramarine Blue
  7. Thalo Blue
  8. Titanium White

Look for quality brushes ( suggested : Robert Simmons, Isabey, or Rosemary brushes are all good

Synthetic sizes: Round,2 ; Filbert 8,10, (Oil and Acrylic)

Synthetic sizes:  4Bright 2,6, Filbert,4,8;  Flat (Acrylic Only)

bristle sizes: 4Bright 2,6, Filbert,4,8;  Flat (Oil Only)

A palette knife style 057 (small triangle)

Palette cup  (Oil Only)

Jar for Water ( Acrylic Only)

odorless turpenoid 16oz  (Oil Only)

refined linseed or walnut oil  (Oil Only)

Participant Information

Max Students: 15 Students
Proficiency level: Beginner through advanced
You can register with the Rehoboth Art league on line at: or by calling  302 227 8404